As with almost all "Christian" holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The dichotomous nature of Easter and its symbols, however, is not necessarily a modern fabrication.


复活节兔子The history of Easter 复活节的历史Since its conception as a holy celebration in the second century, Easter has had its non-religious side. In fact, Easter was originally a pagan festival.


The ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with an uproarious festivalcommemorating their goddess of offspring and of springtime, Eastre. When the second-century Christian missionaries encountered the tribes of the north with their pagan celebrations, they attempted to convert them to Christianity. They did so, however, in aclandestine manner.


It would have been suicide for the very early Christian converts to celebrate their holy days with observances that did not coincide with celebrations that already existed. To save lives, the missionaries cleverly decided to spread their religious message slowly throughout the populations by allowing them to continue to celebrate pagan feasts, but to do so in a Christian manner.


As it happened, the pagan festival of Eastre occurred at the same time of year as the Christian observance of the Resurrection of Christ. It made sense, therefore, to alter the festival itself, to make it a Christian celebration as converts were slowly won over. The early name, Eastre, was eventually changed to its modern spelling, Easter.







复活节英文——复活兔:The Easter Bunny is not a modern invention. The symbol origina

The Easter Bunny is not a modern invention. The symbol originated with the pagan festival of Eastre. The goddess, Eastre, was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol, the rabbit.


The Germans brought the symbol of the Easter rabbit to America. It was widely ignored by other Christians until shortly after the Civil War. In fact, Easter itself was not widely celebrated in America until after that time.





复活节英文——复活节彩蛋:As with the Easter Bunny and the holiday itself, the Easter Eggs

As with the Easter Bunny and the holiday itself, the Easter Egg predates the Christian holiday of Easter. The exchange of eggs in the springtime is a custom that was centuries old when Easter was first celebrated by Christians.


From the earliest times, the egg was a symbol of rebirth in most cultures. Eggs were often wrapped in gold leaf or, if you were a peasant, colored brightly by boiling them with the leaves or petals of certain flowers.


Today, children hunt colored eggs and place them in Easter baskets along with the modern version of real Easter eggs -- those made of plastic or chocolate candy.







复活节诗歌:Easter Holiday

Easter holiday, is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ!

Jesus Christ, The Son of God .

Easter holiday, is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ!

Jesus Christ, The Son of God, bled and died for us in a sacrifice.

This Spring day's celebrated, generally in the month of April.

All of the bright and pretty colors, of the Easter outfits with frills.

Women and children will wear their Easter bonnets.

In the Spring, you'll hear the various musical sonnets.

April will bring many rain showers.

That'll bring us various beautiful flowers.

One special flower for this day is the Easter Lily.

It's color is white, and yet snowy & milky.

The birds will sing their songs of praise.

As we begin to feel the warmth of the sun's rays.

As we say "Goodbye" to the winter's gloom,

The flowers and trees have already begun to bloom.

All of life's beauty, The Lord created, for us all to share.

Spring breezes begin to flow, sending fragrances through the air.

The winter's thawing will let the rivers, lakes, and streams rise and flow.

The beauty of the Earth will make us all feel aglow!

Farmers and gardeners will start to hoe.

And then they'll begin to sow.

On Sundays, we'll hear the various church bells ring.

Let's be grateful for the LORD, let's rejoice and sing.

If it wasn't for the Lord, we wouldn't have anything!







Jesus conquered death, so that through him, we can conquer life. 耶稣征服了死亡,所以藉著他,我们可以征服人生。Happy Easter!复活节快乐!

Sunrise makes our mornings beautiful but the words of God strengthen us and make our lives more meaningful. 早晨日出使我们漂亮但神的话提醒我们,让我们的生活更有意义。Smile and have a blessed life.聽 Happy Easter.微笑并祝福life.聽复活节快乐。

Happy moments - praise God. 快乐的时光—赞美神。Difficult moments - seek God. 艰难的时刻——寻求神的没有。Busy moments - bless God. 繁忙的时刻——感谢神。Quiet moments - worship God. 安静的时刻——崇拜上帝。Waiting moments - trust God. 相信上帝的时刻——等待。Painful moments - touch God. 悲伤的时刻-触的神。Lovely moments - thank God.可爱的时刻—感谢神。

The Lord came to earth with a life to give, so each one of us may continue to live. 耶和华降临,为地球生活可以给他们,所以我们每一个人都可以继续活下去。Happy Easter!复活节快乐!

May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others. 愿神的爱永远闪耀在你的生活中,当你成为一个光,也为别人着想。Have a pleasant day. 有一个愉快的一天。God bless.上帝保佑。

Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and He will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him. 正如人人都有一死,死后且有审判,所以面对基督既然一次被献,担当了多人的罪;他必第二次显现,并与罪无关,乃是为承担拯救那些等候他的人。(Hebrews 9:27)(希伯来书9:27)

Live life w/ a joyful heart & keep ur spirit young & free! 生活的w /心中快乐&守住你的精神的年轻和免费的!Stay true & firm to Jesus Christ! 保持本色和坚定的耶稣基督的人!And b d best that u can b! 和b最好地,你可以b !Happy Easter!复活节快乐!

The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and New Beginning. 复活节的精神是所有关于希望和爱和新的开端。Happy Easter!复活节快乐!

Like the rain can't be stopped from falling, God's love and blessing keep on pouring. 就象雨水无法被阻止下跌,神的爱和祝福继续倒出。I hope you woke up renewed and refreshed and comforted by His company.我希望你醒来的时候更新,精神焕发,安慰他的公司。

God created mornings so that we can say how great d previous day has bin & how wonderful d next 24hrs would be!上帝创造的早晨,以便我们能说的是何等大的d前一天已经料仓下24hrs &多么美妙的d !

It's not the presence of someone that brings meaning to Life. 这不是有人在场,带来人生的意义。But the way Someone touches your HEART gives LIFE a Beautiful Meaning.但是有人触摸你的心赐生命一个美丽的意义。

Prayer is the key that opens your day to every blessing. 祷告是一把钥匙,打开你的一天到每一个祝福。It also is a lock that closes the night to keep you safe while sleeping. 它也是一种锁,它关闭,晚上睡觉的时候来保护你的安全。So what you have to do is "use your key all the time."所以你要做的就是“用你的钥匙,所有的时间。”

No mater how softly you whisper a prayer, God surely listens, understands and knows the hopes and fears you keep in your heart. 无论多么轻柔的低语的祷告,神必定听,理解并知道希望和恐惧你保持在你心中的地位。For when you trust in His love, miracles happen!因为当你信任他的爱,奇迹就会发生!